The Brazelton/Gomes-Pedro Foundation includes a research team composed of members from the University of Lisbon (Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences), Lisbon College of Education (Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon), University of Oporto (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences), and the Education and Development Research Unit of FCT-UNL - in partnership with researchers from the Child Development Unit of the Harvard Medical School.

The team, having the Early Childhood Intervention field as a scientific background, gathers researchers from different scientific domains related to early childhood education and development. Longitudinal studies examining child development include:

  • Fundamental research on the organization of attachment processes, infant emotional self-regulation, and neurological/psychophysiological processing of the baby's social behavior.
  • Applied research on early intervention strategies to promote parental skills.

As an end goal, the team seeks to share the assembled data with parents, professionals and society in general, challenging them to contribute towards the ongoing discussion on early childhood development.


The Foundation as an FCT institution

The Brazelton/Gomes-Pedro Foundation for Child and Family Sciences has been an FCT member (Portuguese Foundation of Science and Technology) since May 29th 2012. Within this competence, it can host scientific research projects.